I'm Colleen Duggan—author, Catholic wife, mom of six, speaker, and hater of cheesy bios. 

I've been writing about Catholic family life for a long time here and other places all over the Interweb. I sincerely welcome you to the chaos I call my life. Thanks for visiting!

Published Work

Colleen Duggan is a popular writer for Catholic media. Her work has appeared in both Catholic Digest and RTJ’s Creative Catechist magazine.  For two years she blogged bi-monthly for CatholicDigest.com, and her articles have also appeared online at notable sites such as Catholic Exchange, CatholicMom.com, Faith and Family Live, and RTJ’s Creative Catechist. Currently she is a monthly columnist for Integrated Catholic Life, a website which garners four million visitors a year and has over 500,000 Facebook fans.  She also is a regular contributor to Aleteia.


“Colleen Duggan has a beautiful ability to find God in the day-to-day moments of life. Whether on our Catholic Digest website or in our print magazine, whether she's writing about the need for greater acceptance of God's will or about trying to keep her kids quiet at Mass, Colleen speaks directly to our readers' hearts, helping them feel God's love surrounding them.”

Dan Connors
Editor Director, Bayard, Inc.
Editor, Living with Christ
Former Editor-in-Chief, Catholic Digest


“I have greatly enjoyed sharing Colleen Duggan's writing with our readers since she joined us as a CatholicMom.com contributor. Colleen's writing voice is faith-filled, inspirational and infectious—her personality and spirituality truly permeate everything she writes."

Lisa Hendey
Founder, CatholicMom.com
Author of A Book Of Saints For Moms: 52 Companions For Your Heart, Body, Mind, and Soul and The Catholic Handbook For Moms:  Nurturing Your Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul


“I have had the distinct privilege of working with Colleen Duggan for that last few years in her capacity as a contributing writer for Integrated Catholic Life eMagazine.  I admire her writing skill, appreciate her great sense of humor and love her passion for sharing our Catholic faith.  Colleen is a natural story-teller and shares the triumphs and challenges of her family life and what she sees happening in the word.  I am a fan and highly recommend Colleen Duggan!”

Randy Hain
Cofounder of Integrated Catholic Life
Author of Journey to Heaven, Joyful Witness and Special Children, Blessed Fathers