Mother Of The Year

Go ahead.

I give you permission to hereby refer to me as such.

Mainly because I ignored the wicked rash Christopher's had on his face.  I was convinced the sores were the result of a sunscreen allergy, so over the last few weeks, even though his rash has worsened, I postponed bringing him to the doctor because I didn't think it was that big of deal.

But this morning when he was at VBS, the sores on his face started gushing blood.

And he looked like he'd been in a bar room brawl.

I finally took him and Mary Bernadette (and the 3 other hellions...darlings) to our new doctor's office for a long overdue check up this afternoon.  I was anxious to talk to the doctor about a hypoallergenic sunscreen because, you know,Christopher's face looked like this:

Smile, Toph.

Try again.

Forget it.

As soon as the doctor walked into the room and saw Christopher, she told me the sores on his face were not an allergy but were, in fact, infantigo, and she diagnosed him with strep throat.

Step?  On the face?  I've never...

She tested him and wouldn't you know, he was positive.

And then she tested me and the four other kids in the room....

All tests were positive.

I thought the sore throat and the chronic headaches I've had for the last couple of weeks were seasonal allergies.


I called John to tell him the news and to asked him to meet us at the office because he came home last night with chills and a fever and went to bed at 7 pm.

He met us and guess what?

He has strep throat also!


All 7 Duggan's positive for strep throat and graciously infecting the 200 children at Vacation Bible School since Monday.

Aren't we germs, I mean, gems?

Before John walked out of her office, the new doctor (whom I really liked) told John she wasn't going to forget our family anytime soon.

I don't know what exactly made us unforgettable:

Was it the fact I brought two of my kids for well check ups and all 7 family members were diagnosed with strep throat?

Or was it the fact that when she was performing Christopher's physical--ahem--exam, he laughed so hard he could hardly breathe making her job all the more difficult?

Or was it because I kept having to threaten contagious disease and infection upon the children entralled by the biohazard waste trash can hiding in the corner?

Or maybe it was Camille's response to me and the doctor when I told the her that Camille was potty training?  Camille calmly said to the both of us, "Ummm, I am potty trained".

Then again, it could have been the sheer chaos created by the five small bodies and loud voices contained in an 8X10 room for a full 60 minutes. (Yeah, that alone probably would do it.)

Really, it's tough to say what exactly it was that made us "memorable".

Either way, the Johnston Family Medical Practice isn't going to be the same for the next few days...or ever.

And I'm wishing I was in a position to take a nip at the sauce because after 7 positive strep tests and an hour with five kids in a tiny doctor's office, a stiff one is looking mighty nice right now.

Here's to you and your good health.

I'm going to bed.