7 Day Blog Challenge--A Catholic Book Giveaway

Confession:  I don't ever enter online giveaways.  Though I'm a blog reader, I always feel weird  entering my name to win a prize just because I visit someone's website.  Plus, I have enough junk as it is--why add to my already significant stash of clutter? 

As a blog author, I often get solicitations from other people to write for "free" for my blog.  Usually these people are selling some kind of service destined to improve the lives of my readers, cure cancer, and the like.  I almost never respond to the requests...because....I just don't.

But sometimes a company will contact me because they are interested in the same thing I am--promoting the Catholic Faith.  Recently, Catholic Family Gifts did just that and offered to sponsor a book giveaway to my readers.

I told them it was a terrific idea.


Catholic Family Gifts, an online store which is an extension of their physical store Vineyard Books, Gifts, And Church Supplies sent me the book entitled 52 Simple Ways To Talk With Your Kids About Faith:  Opportunities for Catholic Families to Share God's Love by Jim Campbell. Here's a bit about what you'll get if you win (taken from the Catholic Family Gift website):

Catholic parenting just got a little easier, thanks to this book by veteran religious educator James P. Campbell. In 52 Simple Ways to Talk with Your Kids about Faith, Campbell helps moms and dads turn potentially awkward moments into grace-filled times when children learn lasting spiritual lessons. 
Dozens of easy-to-overlook opportunities for Catholic parenting and faith sharing are identified, and for each Campbell explains the spiritual issue involved and suggests ways that parents can start a meaningful conversation about it. Scripture and prayer suggestions are incorporated throughout the book.

The raffle closes Sunday afternoon so be sure to enter before then and please don't be shy! 

You could win a free book either for yourself or to give as a gift!  Also, don't forget to visit Catholic Family Gifts  as they have lots of great gift items, devotionals, and books.

Good luck!

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