7 Day Blog Challenge: The End.

Conversations with Christopher:

John:  Do you see that hawk?

Christopher:  Yeah, I saw it.

John:  Which do you think is bigger-- a hawk or a crow?

Christopher:  A cow.

John:  Which is darker--a hawk or a crow?

Christopher:  A bald eagle.

John:  Who is stronger-- Iron Man or Thor?

Christopher:  The Hulk.

This is what I like to call effective communication or perhaps a budding oppositional defiant disorder.  The jury is still out.  I'll keep you posted.


Meaghan and Mary Bernadette are at art camp this week, which means they're staying with Deedoe and Papa.  If the van ride home was any indication of what my week is going to be like, I anticipate spending most of my time making sure Christopher and Camille don't kill each other.  Apparently, Meaghan and MB act as a full time buffer between the two bickering little ones.

I thought this week might be a bit easier than usual, but after only an hour of the girls' departure, I realized I have inherited even more work than usual.

Hurry home, girls.


Because we spent some time in the car as one big, noisy family, and because I'm still reading Les Miserables, John shared the story of Susan Boyle with the kids.  Then he had them watch the moment where she became famous.  Have you seen it?  Do you remember her?  It's worth a watch if you haven't seen it because her story teaches the importance of not jugding people by how they look.  

The kids loved it.

I decided when I finish reading the book, I'm purchasing the Les Miserables soundtrack.  If this song is what the musics like, I want All The Songs.


I survived the 7 day blog challenge and only missed a day.  I confess, I did better than I anticipated.  

My biggest lesson from the week?  I talk myself out of writing updated blog posts because I allow my perfectionist tendencies to keep me from the work. 

I know, shocking. 


I'm happy to announce the winner of the book giveaway is Tina Fisher.  I promise to send your copy this week, Tina.  Congrats!  

Have a wonderful Sunday evening.  I'm off to read Les Miserables..some more.