The Classic Middle Child

Go Team Duggan!

Christopher is a classic middle child--always in the shadow of his older brother, Patrick, and his older sister, Meaghan, and sandwiched between Camille, who is the center of the Duggan world.  It's easy for him to get overlooked or feel invisible or unimportant, I think.

But not last night.

Last night, he went to his very first soccer practice on his very own team for the very first time.  He put on his new cleats, new shin guards, and a very cool soccer ensemble and hit the field in full athletic regalia.  He looked the soccer part and he knew it. 

And he liked it.  No, he loved it.

Like a the dutiful stage mom that I am, I sat right next to the field--camera in hand--giving him the thumbs up and smiling big whenever he looked my way.  Every glance from his direction made my heart explode fireworks just like the 4th of July night sky.

Christopher wasn't The Middle Child last night.  Last night, he was Christopher, soccer player extraordinaire.