In Gratitude For...

1.  School aged children awake and in uniform by 6:30 am this morning 

2.  Heavy backpacks, sack lunches, and gads of supplies

3.  Suppressing the urge to FREAK OUT when I realized I forgot to pack Patrick, Meaghan, and MB's school books which they needed for school

4.  Meaghan's comment to me this morning, "Thank you for signing us up for this homeschool academy."

5.  Not reading unintentional meaning into Meaghan's comment, though I was sorely tempted to do so.  (She did not mean--I don't think-- "THANK GOD YOU SIGNED US UP FOR SCHOOL, MOTHER.  She didn't.  I know it.)

6.  Running to Wal-Mart with only two children (rather than five) so I could pick up MB's birthday present

7.  Camille's early and unexpected nap

8. Dinosaur Train for Christopher

9.  Preparing a meal well before the dinner hour

10.  Quiet to hear myself think

11. Camille who immediately asked when she awoke, "Where's Meggie?  Is she home?"

12.  Camille's ability to entertain herself for hours with repeated wardrobe changes

13.  Surviving my first day as a tenth grade Grammar teacher

14.  Successful after-school book clubs

15. This interview which made me tear up and reminded me to always be grateful

16.  Family dinners

17.  Read-alouds with Christopher and Camille

18.  My bed

19.  The completion of Mission First Day Of School