To My Children: 8 Things I Want You To Remember This Year

Dear Patrick, Meaghan, and Mary Bernadette,

Over the last few weeks, I’ve spent hours ordering uniforms and supplies and schoolbooks.  I’ve nagged you at least 556 times to finish your summer reading.  I’ve carefully selected new book bags with colorful prints that reminded me of you and I’ve labeled your notebooks and binders and tab dividers.   I’ve scoured the house for belts to match your shoes and I’ve made 3 separate trips to office supply stores so you have exactly what is required.  I’ve purchased your favorite snacks for your first meal at your new lunch table.  I’ve lain in bed at night worrying about each of you and whether you will like your teachers and your new friends and whether our decisions for your academic future have been the right ones.

With all these preparations though, I’ve found myself wondering if I’ve done a good enough job of preparing you.  I’ve wondered if I’ve told you all the things I need to tell you.  I’ve wondered if I’ve modeled kindness and joy and love enough.  I’ve wondered if I’ve communicated the measure of true success.  Honestly?

I’m not sure I have and I started to panic.

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