All Hallow's Small Successes

From left to right:  a fairy princess, a (tasteful) rock star, a Ninja, Jesse (making her second debut), and a friendly Lion

Sometimes entire days will go by and I will think to myself, what did I do today?  I know I wasn't lounging on the couch or out on coffee dates, but I don't have any tangible evidence of my work, which is why the meme Small Successes Thursday is such a cool idea.  We busy moms can use it to acknowledge those small areas of accomplishment we moms might otherwise overlook.

When Sarah Reinhard invited me to participate, I knew I needed to contribute.

Below are my 3 smallish successes (which felt enormously huge):

1.  I successfully assembled costumes for and dressed all five children in appropriate gear for this evening's Halloween festivities.  That ain't no small feat.


 2.  Last year one of my children indulged in so much post Trick-or-Treating sugar, he threw up.  While he was lounging in a pool of his own vomit, he immediately said, "Can I have some more candy now?"  This year I played the roll of Candy Warden (more like Candy Nazi) more diligently and no one suffered from sugar-induced vomit feasts. Actually, this is also a major success.

A small portion of the rather large crowd of children we Halloweened with.  We had a ball.

Father handing out candy in his bumble bee costume

Securing all this candy is hard work.

"Why, thank you.  I don't mind if I do."

3.  I'm half way finished coordinating the children's All Saint's Day costumes and I have a vague idea of the snacks I'm supposed to bring to the party we're attending tomorrow afternoon.  Granted,  I don't have all the ingredients to make the snacks, but that can be remedied when we sludge to the store after Mass tomorrow.  I even know what time Mass begins.  Now, we just need to get there, in dressed and on time. 

Happy Feasting Friends!!!

Creative pumpkins carved by some high school boys

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Happy All Hallow's!