7 Quick Takes: The I Got Nothing Edition


I'm still pregnant.


Oh, that's not interesting enough?  Right.

How about this?

My mom organized an impromptu baby shower for me last weekend.  She bought all sorts of new gifts for the baby and put them in gift bags for the kids to give to me.  She told the kids in advance about the party so they made very elaborate cards for me.

The whole event was very generous and thoughtful and it officially readied us (as much as possible) for our little boy.


After five children, the baby shower was also extremely practical.  Some of our baby gear definitely needed to be replaced.  Thanks to my mom and my dad, we now have a new infant car seat that does not have spit up, poop, or any kind of human waste product on it.


Patrick and Meaghan auditioned for a homeschool musical production last night.  I'm amazed at their confidence and their ability to get up and sing a simple song in front of a roomful of people.  On the way home, as I was gushing about how proud of them I was, we heard this song.

I dedicated it to them because it was so appropriate it.  I pray my kids are always brave.

When the song was over, Meaghan said, "Mom, next year can you write down the words and I'll sing that for my audition?"

I'm on it, Meaghan.


Me:  I'm sorry I was such a jerk today, Patrick.

Patrick:  Mom, it's OK.  You are about to have

a baby.  You'll be back to your old self in a few weeks.

Me:  Well, it might be longer than a few weeks because once the baby comes, I'll be up with him all night long and I'll be grumpy because I'm tired.  And then my body won't be normal for awhile so it might take more time than just a few weeks for me to be back to myself.

Patrick:  OK, we'll give it six months.  Then you'll be back to normal.  No problem.

Me:  Thanks, Patrick.


Does anyone else find this guy entertaining?  I do.


That's all I've got.  My brain cells are extremely limited these days.

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