Welcome To The World, Edward Dennis Duggan

I'm ever so thrilled to introduce you to the newest Duggan, who arrived at 2:18 pm yesterday, November 25.  Named after his paternal grandfather, Edward, and his maternal grandfather, Dennis, the little brute weighed in at 9 pounds and 3 ounces and is 22 inches long.  Aside from some pretty hefty facial bruising because he came out so fast, everything about his labor and delivery was perfectly perfect.  (My OB told me it was one of the easiest deliveries he's attended in his 20 plus years of baby duty.  Just call me Mama Warrior or Grand multipara, whichever you prefer.)

My sister in law, Mary, saved the day and watched the kids while John and I were at the hospital.  Once Edward Dennis was born, Mary brought the kids to meet their new sibling and my parents drove up to meet their new grandchild. 

Camille's initial assessment was "He's such a cute baby!"  and Christopher spent most of his first hour with Edward instructing everyone else to "be careful with the new baby" and to "stop talking so loudly" and to "move Edward's hands away from his eyes so he doesn't poke himself."  He stepped into serious big brother mode efficiently and effectively.  Meaghan and MB were smitten and fought over holding him and Patrick told me Edward Dennis was "a precious gift from God."

True dat, Master P.

Eventually, John took everyone home and put them to bed (and I'm sure Aunt Mary was glad to have a moment's peace.)

And me? 

I spent the whole night with the baby.  Normally, I might be lonely or sad to be by myself after such a blessed event, but I wasn't.  I spent the entire time studying his face and his beautiful features (Look at all his hair!  His mouth looks just like Christopher's!  I wonder if those eyes will stay blue?).  I imagined him building Lego towers in a few years, I thought of all the favorite picture books that we'll read to him, and the family (mis)adventures we will have.  

I feel like I've known him for forever, even though yesterday was the first time I have ever laid eyes on him.

I don't know what I've done to be so richly blessed, but I'll take it.