My Most Posts From 2013

I think end of the year wrap up posts are more for the bloggers than they are for the reader, but I'm throwing my hat into the ring anyway.  I've been having lots of internal "I don't ever get anything done.  How come I'm not as productive as _____________" conversations with myself so maybe it's a good time (it being the end of the year and all) to review some of what's happened on this here blog.

In The Category Of Most Clicks:

This post

(written on a whim and in less than an hour) was my most clicked on post of the year.  It remains my most Googled post on this blog to date and many stumble upon it when they do searches with words like "I'm a bad homeschooler" or "Bad Catholic Mom" and the like (which always makes me so sad).  It resonated with people so much that I still get emails (mostly from women) about the issues discussed in this post and I was invited by Catholic Digest to submit a similar type article.  The reasons this article resonated with so many people is summarized in

my 7 Issues Catholic Mother Face.

The second runner up for most clicked upon were those posts from the Mom's Most Embarrassing Moments series.  You can read mine


, but be sure to check out other sources of hilarity that were also featured:

Kelly From In The Sheepfold

Cari From Clan Donaldson 

Kelly From This Ain't The Lyceum

Michaela From California To Korea

In The Category Of Best Picture:

This category overwhelmed me because I take thousands upon thousands of pictures a year, but

this post

has one of my favorite pics ever.

In  The Category Of Funny Stuff:

I can't help but giggle every time I think of the experiences discussed in these posts:



Living In The Land Of Ridiculousness

In The Category Of Personal Favorite:

Perhaps this is cheating since I didn't write these posts for my own blog, but my own two personal favorite posts for the year include ones I wrote for The Integrated Catholic Life:



A Letter To My Children:  8 Things I you want to remember this school year

Thank you, friends, for joining me this past year and for reading these crazy ramblings.  I pray you have an abundantly blessed 2014.

Happy New Year!