Batteries not included.

Checking in from Upchuck City, where five out of the six Duggan children have fallen ill.

(Please, Lord, spare Baby Edward.  And if you are feeling congenial, spare me too.)

I'm not sick.

Not sick at all.


I'm very cute.

Yeah, I know.

In addition to an ice storm which has left us without power for over 24 hours, we've also welcomed The Stomach Bug From Hell to Casa de Duggan.

So! Much! Fun!

To give you an idea of the rip-roaring good time we've been having,  I set up a communal barf can for the kids for the occasion when they need to spill their guts.  The vomit receptacle has been put to particularly good use.  As Christopher was stooped over chugging, Patrick sagely warned,

"This is going to get worse before it gets better, Mom."

Right again, Master P.

We've only had a few accidents so far ...so there's that...

I had prescribed a school moratorium and a heavy dose of Netflix streaming...that is, until the storm rendered us powerless.  Because I failed to channel my inner Laura Ingall's and, God knows, I could


have survived On The Prairie, we fled to Deedoe's and Papa's where there is an abundance of wi-fi, warmth, and food, in that order.

Thank you, Deedoe and Papa.

These may be some of the rather unmaternal thoughts I've had in the past few days:


Gee!  When you cut eating out of the equation, we save so much time



Please don't touch me!  Please don't touch me!  Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease don't touch me!

--I wonder if they would get offended if I Lysoled the remote controls right in front of them?

--It's so quiet around here!  There's no fighting!  It's wonderful!  Maybe we should catch the stomach flu more often!

The last time I checked, this ice storm had left just under 100,000 people without power.  Our trees did not fare well and I'm sure we'll spend the weekend picking up the wreckage that is our front yard.

I couldn't get photos of the trees that fell on and by the house, but trust me when I say, they're large...

The storm was beautiful.  The aftermath?  Not so much...

Sending you frigid hugs from the ice tundra.  No, scratch that; I may be contagious.