Simple Woman's Daybook: The Back From The Dead (somewhat) Edition


Outside my window yard...oh my gosh, it is a mess.  This winter was a particularly bad one for us and we have many downed trees and limbs.  I have some help coming to get us back into shape this week because John's time is so limited.

I am thinking

...the end of the school year can't come fast enough.  We have a week left.  I think we can make it.  I



I am thankful

...for a really nice Mother's Day.  It was simple, but very refreshing.  I didn't have to do anything all afternoon.  I even took a nap.  John wanted to take everyone to a champagne brunch, but I talked him out of it.

"Just cook me dinner," I said.  "That is really all I want." 

So he did (with the kids' help) and it was fab.

color coded by kid :)

I'm also thankful the play is over.  Patrick and Meaghan were in a production of The Legend Of Sleepy Hallow, which was awesome.  It was, however, a huge commitment and I'm glad our lives will go back to "normal" now that it's over.

In the kitchen

...just the basics.  Seriously.  The basics.

I am creating

...a book proposal.  Slowly, but surely.  Maybe the summer will bring an increase in productivity?

FYI:  a proposal is harder to write than actual chapters.

Together, John and I are also creating budgets that we will (hopefully) stick to.  We're taking

" target="_blank">Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University

and it's been good...and painful.  The thing I like best about the class is we are chipping away at our financial future together.   Two brains are way better than one.  Always.

I am laughing

at...the grumpy parent on the Internet

who made a parody of the the Frozen song "Let It Go".


kind of

get it.

In just a few short months, the music from the Disney movie Frozen has become a cult classic.  Like the rest of America, my little girls are obsessed. 

They sing All The Songs in the morning.

They sing All The Songs during the day.

And they go to sleep singing All The Songs.  (I'm not grumpy though.  I love that they love the music.)

Camille, in particular, is demanding about listening to her beloved Disney music and when she doesn't get to listen or watch the song on demand, this is what happens.

Go ahead.  Take a gander.  It's only fifteen seconds long and it perfectly depicts the crack for kids that Disney has created.

Don't mess with a girl's show tunes.

I am reading...

Blink by Malcom Gladwell

With God in Russia by Walter Ciszek

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

I am hoping do something with all the terrific pictures from our trip to Disney World over Easter break.  So.  (The fact I'm just posting these now should color you a picture of what my life has been like lately.)

Camille had no time for the larger than life Tigger.  Cranky pants.  Camille, not Tigger.

Love him.

My nickname for RaRa is Eyore.  So approps.

Papa splurged and bought all the kids ears. 

My kids love the merry go round.

Papa in Topher's ears

Can we talk about how photogenic the princesses are?

Eds (as MB calls him) loved Snow White

My girls' faces would light up when they would see the Disney princesses

They were so happy to meet their story book friends in real life.

"Get the camera out of my face, Mom."

This is reason #792 why I love Sarah

$100,000 a night in fireworks at Epcot.  Dude.

Abstract Epcot

Round duos

RaRa's photo bomb


after a dinner of ice cream and popcorn.  True vacation style


Darth is massively tall in real life! 

"He's very focused," she said about Christopher.  She ain't kidding.

Everyone in their ears and Millie with no shoes. 

Papa also splurged for the memory maker where photographers take your picture around the park.  Brilliant marketers at Disney.

Everyone smile, except you, Camille.  You keep screaming.  Fun times!

Mary wanted a photo alone with Belle.  So cute.


A kiss from Edward.

I am looking forward to

...Summer.  I've decided to forgo putting the kids on the swim team this year.  I need a break from structured activities and so do the kids.  We're still going to join the pool, which we will frequent often and for many hours.  My plan is to let the kids be kids--to splash in the water and play games and have fun. 

I am learning say "No, I'm sorry, I can't do that, even if you really, really, really need me to."

Around the house

...we're moving this summer to a house closer to our church and the homeschool academy the kids attend.  Just typing that sentence almost caused a full blown panic attack so...moving on.  

I am pondering blogging.  I often find myself conflicted about the way people present themselves online, myself included.  Reality is often far different than what is offered on a pretty website and maybe I'm a small person (or just a struggling mom) but I find this annoying.  I also wonder about authors who seem to have the solutions to all parenting and marital problems.   Where are the real people who have fighting kids, marital spats, and sometimes need to say, "I just don't know the answer to that problem/situation/question"?

A favorite quote for today...

"Commitment is doing what you said you would do, after the feeling you said it in has passed. "

-- St. Camillus

One of my favorite things

... this movie.   It was honey for a worn out Mama heart.

A few plans for the rest of the week: survival.

A peek into my day...

My little buddy

Peace out!