Seven Steps To Combat Grocery Store Checkout Smut

I was unloading a mound of groceries onto the conveyor belt during a recent trip to a major superstore when my 7-year old said, “Mom, the baby is looking at something inappropriate.”

Since I was calculating the cost of an astronomical food bill for a family of eight, I only half-listened to my child’s cautionary words. When I turned my eyes to the checkout stand, however, I saw what she was talking about: the pornographic cover of the swimsuit edition of the new Sports Illustrated. All six of my kids were steadily gazing upon the three women scantily clad in G-string bathing suits, their derrieres hanging out in full view.

I gasped and said, “Are you kidding me?“

I grabbed a copy of the magazine and waved it in front of the cashier’s face.

“Do you think this is appropriate?” I said.

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