7 Quick Takes Friday: The My Internet Connection Makes Me Dangerous (and excessively loquatious) Edition

1.  Do you hear that?  It's the heavenly chorus of angels singing because...that's right....


It only took three weeks but hey, I'm detached.


2.  In a rare moment, Camille is taking a daytime nap beside me while I attempt to rectify my

status as a negligent mommy blogger.  I hear her soft, rhytmic breathing and am grateful for this quiet moment to think and to write.  Life has been chaotic this summer and so I'm grabbing this quick minute and running with all my might.


Well, we moved.  It was hard.  I know,

I said that already



Permit me a little tech talk, if you will.  John upgraded my phone and now, I am a card


member of the I-phone club.  Until now, I didn't get what the big fuss was about.

A phone is a phone, right?  Sure, some smart phones might do a few fancy tricks, but overall I thought people to attached to their technological devices.

But now?  I



The I-Phone is a tool, a powerful tool.  It's ability to quickly allow you to surf the web or engage in everyday activiities with apps has changed my world.  I am flabbergasted at how easy my phone has made it for to do certain things, especially things like prayer.  I downloaded these apps and they've been so helpful:

Divine Office

I Confess


I have even used my phone to help me pray my daily meditation at the 3 am hour, after a child has awakened me and I can not go back to sleep.

I am also loving the Pacer app and it's ability to track my steps in real life, which motivates me to get out the door and walk my hiney off (literally).

(I walked for


last week!  It was the only productive thing I accomplished, I think.  I was too overwhelmed to do anything but walk.  So walk I did and I felt better than I have in months.)

And don't even talk to me about Instagram.

Instagram was


for people like me.

(Are you on Instagram?  Follow me and I'll follow you back!)

See?  Instagram.  Love it.


When John was a kid, his mother implemented a rule that required all eight of her children

to wear shoes from morning to night.  I always thought this was a little intense but now that I have six kids of my own, I think my mother-in-law was a genius.

None of my kids, especially the little ones, can


find their shoes.  Seriously, it's a problem.

I'll load everyone and everything into the van for an outing and just as I put the car in reverse, someone announces:

Kid informant:  "Mom, insert one of my six children's names, doesn't have shoes on."

Me:  "(Insert one of our six children's names) WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES?"

Shoeless child:  (wide eyed and confused) "I lost them."

I put the car back in park and glare at the child in the rear view mirror.

Me:  "Go find them. 



Shoeless Child scurries out of the van and into the house or the yard to look.

Child returns,




Shoeless child--still looking dazed and confused--says,  "I lost them."

I look down at my lap and I clench my fists.  I utter a silent prayer.  I try not to swear under my breath and I fail.

Me:  "A PRIZE TO WHOMEVER FINDS--insert child's name here--SHOES!"

Five bodies scamper out of the van.  Minutes pass.  I sigh--again--and tap irritated fingers against my steering wheel.

Suddenly, a child emerges from the house triumphant, waving pedestrian footwear victoriously over his head.


"A trip to the grocery store where I will buy you food to sustain your body and nourish your mind," I mutter.

But the winner doesn't hear me.

He's too busy licking his chops and dreaming of his candy treat.

6.  This shoe conversation and search happens

every time

we leave




But sometimes, a shoeless child escapes my attention and we arrive to our destination and as I unload children and supplies and strollers, I am met with this:

 One shoe on, one shoe off.

Why?  Why?  Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy?

7. In case you were wondering, this is what one's foot will look like should one decide to walk

around IKEA for


minutes with only one shoe.

This is so gross, I'm not even sure what to say about it.

Would any of you find it comfortable to routinely wear only one shoe? 

8.  Today is July 4th!  Happy Independence Day.

God bless, America, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave and Place of Abundant Wifi and Internet Access.

We live in a great country.

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