Confessions Of A Good Enough Mom: Why We Dance To Top 40 Tunes


Yesterday, I was back in action after the three-day weekend, organizing the new house, keeping up with the laundry, feeding my small army of children, and walking my daily 10,000 steps.  At some point, after I finished preparing a pesto pasta and chicken dish for the evening's dinner, I sat spooning sweet potatoes into Edward's mouth.  Children swirled around me when one of them--I can't remember who--asked to turn on some tunes.

"Of course!" I said and within a second, I was streaming my playlist to a portable speaker I keep in my kitchen.

Instantaneously, there was dancing and impassioned signing and mucho bootie shaking to top 40's hits. 

And for a moment, I thought about a few of the families I know who might judge me for our song choices.

I thought about the criticism I would receive from some about the silly dance moves I've taught my children.

Then, I started with the internal lecturing...

"Colleen, you


shouldn't play this type of music for the kids.  You should be using this time to instill a real love of Classical music in your children, music that is elevated and good and beautiful and true."

I engaged in that kind of negative talk for about .02 seconds before I swatted those niggly flies away.

The thing is,  I


my kids will probably have memories of me yelling at them.

I also


they will remember times when instead of responding with love, I responded with anger or unkind words.

But I also


they are also going to have great memories of me moving with abandon across our living room floor.



they will not be afraid to dance in public because dancing is something we Duggan's do.

(Wallflowers?  Not over here.)



they are going to tell stories about our Family Dance Parties and how wild their mother was on a dance floor.



they will tell their friends that their Father always said their Mother was a terrific dancer (terrific is a relative word, mind you). They'll tell their buddies about that one time, early on in their friendship, when their mother was flailing around on the dance floor like an epileptic, their dad told one of his friends,

"I'm either going to kill that girl or marry her."

So yeah,  we don't do much Bach or Tchaikovsky over here and while I will work to rectify their limited exposure to the good stuff, I will never give up the Top 40's hits and the dance parties because...



something good and true and beautiful in them.  

It's good to have fun with the ones you love.  

It's beautiful to engage the culture and find something good in it.  (We love the pro-life love song Lauryn Hill wrote to her son, Zion, for instance.  It's so beautiful, it makes me cry over my soapy dishes. Ask my kids.)

The second verse slays me.  Every time.

There's truth in showing my kids you don't have to do something perfectly (like dancing) to enjoy it.

I suspect the lessons we learn from our simple family jam sessions might be as beneficial as the hours (minutes???) we spend learning about the musical greats.

And that's good enough for me.

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