Monday Musings

Happy Monday!

Did you have a wonderful three-day weekend filled with all things patriotic?

My sister, Sarah, sent me this decadent photo of her succulent July Fourth meal.



Palate pleasing.

While she was dining on lobster tails and sipping cold champagne, John was doing this because we were locked out of the house.

Happy Independence Day!!!

Oh, the irony.

Ginger and the Professor eating lobster and John and Colleen jerry rigging ways into the house.

I knew that furniture on the porch would come in handy!

We still managed to salvage the weekend.  Once we sent Topher in through a downstairs window and he unlocked the door so we could enter our humble abode, we set off to a local spot to meet some friends and picnic like proper Americans.  Then, we met some other friends for watermelon and fireworks.

It was everything the Fourth of July should be and more, even with the getting locked out/climbing on the roof/sending a child to rescue us situation.

I hope your holiday was equally delightful.

God bless, 'Merica.