Why Blog?

Last week, a friend asked me what it is I write on this here blerg...aah...blog.   I fumbled for words because...what do I write about?  I threw out some random answer like, "I write about the funny things my kids say and my vocation and motherhood," but I wasn't really happy with my response.

Yes, I do write about those all those aspects of my life, but so do a lot of other people. I thought about this brief conversation for a few days afterwards and then I read one of my favorite creative gurus' thoughts on why he maintains a blog.  This is what Steven Pressfield says:

..."I don’t ask myself, “What do I imagine others want to read in this space?” I ask, “What do I want? What issues are bothering me? What questions am I exploring?”
Why write a book?
Why make a movie?
For myself, I set aside such answers as “To make money,” “to achieve success,” “to deliver a message,” “to change the world.”
I don’t believe in any of those. In my view they’re either unattainable or, if attained, do not produce happiness or peace of mind.
How about “to have fun?” “To produce beauty?” “To tell the truth?” “To serve the Muse?”

Now, for me at least, we’re getting closer.

When I read this, I gave Pressfield a virtual fist bump.  The reasons he mentions for blogging are the same ones that motivate me as well. 

I write to have fun and to laugh.  Hello?  My kids are hilarious.

I write to to tell stories.

I write to tell the truth, from my limited perspective.

And instead of saying I write to serve the muse, I would offer I write to serve God.

When my friend asked me what I write, I wish I had said, "The answer to that question for me is not what do I write, but why?"

In answering the question about why I blog, what I write about becomes obvious, I think.

I blog because it allows me to be a co-creator.  I blog because it allows me to search for beauty in daily life.  I blog because it allows me to think aloud, to figure out what I already know.  I blog because the act of sitting down to write is a good in and of itself and the writing helps me survive.

Oh, I also blog because I take a lot pictures, which I'm negligent about framing (ever!),  and I need a place to put all these photos.