Three Catholic Non-Fiction Books To Enhance Your Faith

For The Men:

Journey To Heaven:  A Road Map For Catholic Men (Servant Press):  Over the past two years I’ve known him, Randy Hain has been one the most encouraging supporters of my work.  So when he asked me to review his new book, I was delighted to return at least one of the many favors I owe him.   

Here’s the problem:  I wanted to write a thorough review, which meant I took forever to actually read Journey To Heaven, a mistake of epic proportions.  

This book is not only well-written and practical, but it’s sorely needed in today’s world.  

In case you hadn’t noticed, many men today flounder in their faith, abdicate parental responsibilities, and don’t know what basic skills are necessary to even exist as a strong man, husband, and father.  Randy’s book is an attempt to provide easily implemented tips and tools and reflections to men of all stripes to help get them started on the path heaven.  

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