How To Keep Your Kids Catholic

I don’t remember much of the arithmetic or history my fifth grade teacher, Sister Matthew Marie, a religious with the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia, taught us.  But I do remember that when she needed our attention, instead of yelling, she whispered.  She sometimes played soccer with us on the playground during recess, and watching Sister run --with her habit billowing in the wind and her rosary beads clinking as she darted to and fro--reduced me to fits of giggles.  She couldn’t consistently keep track of the ball because it constantly rolled under her habit.  You were foolish to let Sister’s habit or her vocation tempt you to soften your game, though.  Sister Matthew Marie was a fierce competitor and she did not embrace the current politically correct tactic to “let” the children win.   

On the playing field, Sister was out for blood.  Read the rest at Integrated Catholic Life.