Micellaneous Hodge Podge (AKA: My Kids Make Us Look Bad)

1.  My mom took Meaghan and Mary for a special weekend recently and the girls regaled her with all

kinds of factoids. I present to you a few text exchanges between myself and my mother.

(My mother's texts are grey and mine are in blue.):

Just to summarize, according to my daughters, I'm a two ton heifer and John's a drunk.

2.  After a morning of misbehavior from Camille, I told her she was not going to be able to attend a tea party my mom had planned.  Camille, devastated by this turn of event, ran to John.

John:  Is there anything she can do to earn back the tea?

Me:  Yes, obey me right away for the rest of the day.

Camille:  Ok, I'll do that except....if what you say is weird.  Then, forget it.

Tea party with all the girls

Fancy pinkie finger

3.  Another confidence boost from Camille, right before Mass on Sunday morning--

Me:  How do I look?

Camille:  Ummm...yeah...I like your lipstick.

4.  Last Friday, I was running on the treadmill when Mary burst into my room, yelling that

Christopher had been stung by a bee. I raced down to the field and found both Christopher and Camille in hysterics because sure enough, yellow jackets had not only stung them both, but they were still stinging them.  I went into panic mode and tried to swat the bees off the kids without getting stung myself.  But the bees were persistent so I finally just screamed at everyone to run into the house.  

We hightailed it up the hill but some of the bees followed us and as I climbed the stairs one of them stung me on the back of the leg.  I screamed and grabbed at my yoga pants and pulled on them so hard, I ripped a hole right down the seam.  When the kids heard me yell, they started crying even louder and if someone had overseen the entire event, they would have thought we were crazy.

I was scared because I know how dangerous bee stings can be, so when we finally made it into the house, I gave everyone Benadryll, had them strip down, and I put ice on their stings.  Unfortunately, as some of them took of their clothes, few more bees flew out of the clothing folds and into the house.

All five kids started screaming and crying louder and bolted up the stairs out of harms way.  I took a shoe and got busy killing the now very angry yellow jackets.  Once they were all dead, the kids descended the stairs and I let them all turn on the television because...

it was stressful.

For the rest of the morning, I felt so bad for the three of them because they were definitely traumatized but as the afternoon wore on, more facts started emerging regarding how the bees started stinging the kids in the first place.

Christopher decided it would be a great idea to take a large stick and swat at the hive of yellow jackets in order to "fight" the enemy.

Bad idea as we all know who won that war.

Topher pointing to John where the bees were

5.  John and I are going to Mexico this weekend.

Yes, you read that right.

Mexico.  Without kids.

Ask me if I'm excited?  I'm promising not to be too obnoxious on Instagram.  I may fail, though.

Unedited.  Somewhere over the rainbow.  On a map, it's labeled MEXICO!!!!

6.  About a month ago, I started running (though jogging would be a more appropriate term because I'm slow.  I will not be breaking any time records, I assure you.  My goal is just to move my feet up and down in a quick like fashion.)

Anyway, on Monday morning last week, I woke up with a swollen and bruised ankle.  I hadn't done anything to injure myself, so I wasn't sure what was causing the swollen bruising around the ankle.    I took the day off from running because I didn't want it to get worse, but when I tried to run on it again the next day, my foot became even more swollen and purple. Duh.

I made an appointment to see the doctor and she took one look at it and said, "Your veins have collapsed in your feet and legs from having babies.  When you run, the blood isn't able to circulate properly back up to your heart, so you need to wear compression socks and get a new pair of running shoes.  You may eventually need to wear compression socks all the time."

Blame the old lady legs on the kids.

Of course.

Everything is always their fault.

7.  The month of October has been SO BUSY!!!  I can't believe it's almost over.  I love this time of year, but our lives have been so crazy, I don't feel like we've enjoyed it like we usually do.  I've been contemplating abandoning the blog because...time.  But then I always come back. 

I'm sorry.

Catch you on the flip side.

Is it just me or do you love these marshmallow candies too?