December Daybook: Is This Thing On?

Try as I might, I can not convince Camille that tights ARE NOT pants. 

Outside my window

:  it's still dark and there is freezing rain.  Our driveway is probably a sheet of ice.

I am thinking

:  about balance.  I can't do it all, and some things are more important than others.  How to fit all the important things in?  How to practice ADVENT and WAIT rather than scurry around like a madwoman this time of year?

I am thankful

:  that November is over.  Two weeks ago, I flew to California by myself for my cousin's funeral.  It was a terribly sad event.  Last week, we drove up to Boston with all six kids for Thanksgiving with my in laws.  We hit the snow storm on the way up and an 8 hour drive took us 12 hours, the last two plagued by wicked ice and snow.  Our fifteen passenger hooptie does not do well in wintry conditions, so the final leg of the trip was fraught with stress.  We made it, but I'm glad it's all over.

I am going

:  to try to get organized?  As of last night, I had no idea where my advent wreath was.  I think I have some purple and pink candles laying around here somewhere.  I always stash the Jesse tree ornaments in a "safe" place but I can't seem to remember where that place is right now. 

I have laundry everywhere from our trip and frankly, I haven't unpacked my own bag in two weeks.

Also, I intend to do something about our lack of a tree.  We also need to pull out the Christmas decorations sometime this weekend.  There is much too do and many lists to be made.

I am reading:

Flannery's letters

:  I LOVE THIS BOOK!  This should be required reading before anyone reads her grotesque works.  Her letters maker her so sympathetic and lovable. 


  (Typical modern day slop, so far.  I'm not sure I understand the rage.)

Joyful:  How To Be An Extraordinary Catholic Witness

(This one is for review and it's so...well, joyful.)

He loves drinking from a big boy cup

I am hoping:  to celebrate little Edward's birthday.  He turned one last week and despite our best efforts to feed him cake, it hasn't happened yet.

I am learning:  lessons in self-control.  Still.  Always and forever.

Around the house:  John and I keep discussing whether or not we will cut down a tree this year. More to come on that topic later.  (Because it's a funny story and I just decided it needs to be retold.)

In the kitchen:  I have no idea.  I'm trying to make it until the weekend with what we have around year because I don't know when I can head to the store.

A favorite quote:  All from Flannery because she's so good:

To Flannery's pen pal upon her entrance into the Catholic Church (which occurred, I'm sure, as partly a result of the correspondence):

" But what I will do is go to Communion for you and your intention on Easter morning and since we will then share the same actual food, you will know that your being where you are increases me and the other way around.  I have a sentence in mind to end some story that I am going to write.  The character all through it will have been hungry and, at the end, he is so hungry that "he could have eaten all the loaves and fishes, after they were multiplied."

On praying a novena:

The virtue of a novena is that they keep you at it for nine consecutive days and the human attention being what it is, this is a long time.  I hate to say most of these prayers written by saints-in-an-emotional state.  You feel you are wearing somebody else's finery and I can never describe my heart as 'burning' to the Lord (who knows better) without snickering.

After an acquaintance told her her trouble lay in a lack of Classical education:

I feel I ought to do something about this lack of a classical education so I am currently reading Cicero.  I aim to read Cicero, Caesar, Tacitus and any other of them boys that I can think of.  Then I will at least have a classical veneer.

On Catholic Writing:

"I mortally and strongly defend the right of the artist to select a negative aspect of the world to portray and as the world gets more materialistic there will be more such to select from.  Of course you are only enabled to see what is black by having light to see it by--but that is no part of the Luce contention.  Furthermore, the light you see by may be altogether outside of the work itself.  The question is not is this negative or positive, but is it believable."  

On her topic for a presentation:

"My current writing project is a a talk I am to give to the Macon Parish Catholic Women's Council on the dizzying subject--"What is a Wholesome Novel?" I intend to tell them that the reason they find nothing but obscenity in modern fiction is because that is all they know how to recognize."

One of my favorite things:  my new pajamas and flannel sheets.

A peek into one of my days: