On Slaying Dragons And Other Noble Pursuits

In the three minutes we had been sitting in our church pew, Christopher, my five year old, had managed the following:

  • He “accidentally” tore several pages of the green Gather hymnal,
  • He took off his brown leather school shoes and tossed them under the pew (revealing large holes in the big toes of his socks)
  • He then retrieved the scattered shoes by army crawling under the bench, unintentionally smashing the ankles of the lady sitting in front of us,
  • He initiated the long, arduous and loud process of putting his shoes back on his feet,
  • And he re-enacted an audible toyless version of a Thomas The Train episode with his hands.

To be fair, Christopher’s antsy antics weren’t entirely his fault.

We had just asked him to stand in line for an hour while we waited for an open Confessional and now we were asking him to sit still for another sixty minutes for the Vigil Mass.

His meter for good behavior in Church had long expired. 

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