When My Martha Tendencies Highjack My Desire To Be Like Mary During Advent

 I woke up one morning recently and panicked about my failure to "plan" Advent.  After a few hours of agonizing about an approach, I concocted a plan of attack. 

 “If we get an Advent wreath, make a calendar, prepare an empty manger with sacrifice straw and pull out all fifty of the Christmas books, I think we’ll be in good shape to help the kids prepare for Christmas,” I said to my husband, John, as we drove to church.  

Did I check with him to see if he agreed with my ideas?  No, I probably should have.

Did I ask for his input about favorite Advent past-times?  I forgot about that one, too.

I simply outlined our various stopping points after Mas and John humored me, without enthusiasm.

(This, by the way, was my first tip-off I needed to go back to the drawing board.) 

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