7 Quick Takes: The Funny Kids Stories Edition

Did you think I had gone away never to return?  I thought about it, but then I wouldn't remember any of these funny stories from the kids, so I'm pressing on with this here neglected blog. Linking up again with Kelly for 7 quick takes.

1. Six year old, Christopher discovered a small insignificant toy of Camille's, on which he had designs.  I don't know where the stupid thing came from or how we got it, but as soon as he saw it, he wanted the spotted animal.

So he asked Camille to trade toys and the ensuing conversation between the two of them convinced me that Christopher will never have a chance when it comes to negotiating with calculating females.

There are only a few things in life Christopher loves and they are as follows:  Cupcake the Bear (which he sleeps with every night and Deedoe gave him when he was a wee lad), his Legos, and his toy sword found in the Narnia books.  Camille, who knows her brother well, is aware of this fact.  She knows these are his most prized possessions and she decided to use that to her advantage.

When he asked her to trade toys, she immediately responded,  "Sure, I'll need your Legos, Cupcake the Bear, and your sword then you can have the giraffe."

He left the room in tears because parting from those things was impossible for him.  Camille knew this.

I'm considering submitting her application for a seat as one of the Sharks on ABC's Shark Tank.

Camille will eat you for breakfast and then ask for more. 


Speaking of Christopher, in addition to his three most prized worldly possessions, the boy also loves to eat and to sleep.  Last week, we took the four older kids to the Ringling Barnum and Bailey Brothers circus last week.  It was a real treat as it was on a school night, in the middle of the city, and started at 7:30 pm.  Some friends of our didn't care for the Ringling Brothers when they saw it a few years ago, but John and I thought the entire show was first class.

There were elephants.

There were motorcyclists who dared gravity defying stunts.

There were tight rope walkers and singers and dancers.

It was a sight to be seen and completely entertaining, which is why I couldn't help but laugh when Christopher leaned over--in the middle of all the amazing hoopla-- and said,

"Hey, Mom, what time is it?"

"9:15 pm," I answered.

"I go to bed at 8 pm and it's after 9 now.  I'm tired. Can we go?"

 The boy has his priorities.

3.  A few weeks ago, John took the girls to the Father/Daughter Dance a few weeks ago.  They got all gussied up for the event and they had a wonderful time.

Camille gets her attitude from her father.

She was so thrilled to be hanging with the 'big' girls.

This photo idea was Meaghan's and Mary's.

They girls picked out John's outfit.  And it concerns me how little coaching Camille needed in the taking of these photos.


Can you believe we had more snow last week?  I'm thinking we are on the tail end of winter and I can't wait because I'm over days of brainstorming creative indoor activities for kids.  Now, they need to GO OUTSIDE.  Forever.


Both photos were shot with my iPhone.  Do you see the moon in the corner of the photo above?

I'm going to teach an iPhone photography class this summer during a children's day camp and I'm so excited.  I'm continually amazed at what I can do with my iPhone and the awesome photos the camera can produce.  Kids are way more creative and way more tech savvy than the likes of me so the fact that I'm going to give them something beneficial to do with an iPhone makes me very happy.

6.  I've also started teaching a Fine Arts class to third graders at the classical school my kids attend.  It's just once a week for 30 minutes (though next year I'll teach kindergarten and third grade for an hour and a half) and I can't get over how much I enjoy it.  I'm a trained high school teacher, so I never thought I'd be good with little kids but I have to say, I love how eager and engaged the younger kids are.  High schoolers tend to be a bit jaded and attitudinal and you have to win them over with witty remarks and intellectual rigor, but third graders make no bones about the fact just want you to love them.

I find that so refreshing.

Plus, the world hasn't tainted them yet.  If you tell them they can do art, they believe you.  It's not like the older kids who have learned to be afraid and doubt their abilities.  These kids just jump right in.  It's a good example to me.

We've been studying Van Gogh and this is one of the projects we did.  It's my interpretation of Starry Night with oils.  So fun.

7.  Someone put a flyer of a lost dog in our mail box this week.  The kids were discussing the missing animal and the flyer over dinner last night, and Mary was particularly distraught by the idea someone's beloved pet would go missing.  All the kids contemplated where the dog might have wandered off to or even the possibility that someone might of taken the dog and all of them were saddened by the idea of a MIA pup.  I only half listened to the conversation, but I didn't realize how seriously the kids took the prompt to look for the dog until...

Last night, I brought Christopher and Camille with me to a meeting I had to attend.  The meeting was a full 30 minute drive from our house, in a part of the state I rarely frequent--too far away for a missing puppy to wander over.  As I was unloading both of the kids from the vehicle, Christopher and Camille noticed the family, whose house the meeting was at, had a pet dog contained in the fence.  It was obvious to me this dog belonged to the family and that this dog had been their pet probably for many, many years. 

But this information was lost on Christopher and Camille.

"MOM!" Christopher said, "THAT'S THE MISSING DOG!"

Straining their necks and commenting on the size and color, Camille and Christopher both loudly agreed that the dog was the one from the flyer, a stolen dog ripped from hands of its owner and now hiding behind the fence.  I was trying to hustle them to the front door as we were late to the meeting and I was trying to hush their discussion so the owners wouldn't hear, but they would not be deterred.

All of a sudden, Camille, exclaimed in her loudest, most indignant voice,

"That's it, I'm grabbing that dog.  They stole it!!!"

I guess it takes a criminal to recognize another criminal?

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Have a fabulous Friday, people.