Back To The Heart Of Catholic Parenting

 A few months ago, Erin Franco of the Humble Handmaid blog invited me to be a guest on her The Right Heart Podcast.  Itwas such a pleasure to talk to Erin--she was warm and friendly and we chatted easily, like two longtime friends visiting over coffee.  The conversation (and her precious southern drawl) made me miss Louisiana so much!  If you are not already subscribed to her blog and podcast, do so right away.  She's got a lot of great Catholic content going on.

During the show, we discussed all things related to Catholic Parenting.

Below is Erin's summary of our discussion:

  • The importance of respecting your spouse’s opinion when making parenting decisions
  • There is not one set of parenting or spiritual practices that will make your family successful, happy, or holy
  • The importance of remembering that every couple and every family has special circumstances that have an effect on the kinds of decisions they are able to make or choose to make as parents
  • Advice for discernment in making family decisions: prayer, the guidance of a spiritual director if possible, and personal counseling if needed to deal with any issues that are getting in the way of a good decision
  • The  need to trust that God has given you what you  need to parent the children He gave you
  • The power of the sacrament of confession for dealing with anger and mistakes as a parent
  • The need to ask Jesus for advice, first and foremost, rather than all of your friends or favorite bloggers

If you are interested in having a listen, head over here.

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