The Good News About Imperfect Families

Do we have to go to church?” my five year old, Camille, whined as we readied for the Good Friday Stations of the Cross.

“It’s boring and stupid,” she said, tears dripping down her cheeks and punctuating her overly dramatic sentiments.

“I want to go to the Stations.

Today is the day Jesus died.

I want to comfort Him,” I responded.

“I don’t,” she whined again and stomped off.

Camille had entertained visions of outdoor playtime with her best friend who lives next door, another five-year old named Emmy. Emmy is the proud owner of a motorized Barbie hot wheel and an afternoon darting around in a pink hotrod sounded much more appealing to Camille than our austere parish and the long wait in line for Confession.

A few kids ago, Camille’s anti-Stations of the Cross-attitude would have worried me.

Did she really think church was “stupid and boring”?

Would she ever know the value of her faith?

Would she always see the religious ceremonies we bring her to as pointless?

You know what else would have stressed me out?

The tense atmosphere in our home as we readied all six of our reluctant kids for the most important Liturgical celebrations of the church: the Holy Triduum and Easter Sunday. 

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