Be Not Afraid: A Lesson From The Deep End

“Your fear is not the boss of you, Christopher,” I said to my seven-year old son, attempting to channel Coach Eric Taylor from Friday Night Lights.

“You’ve got to tell that fear to get in the backseat because you are driving the car.”

Christopher slouched in front of me. 

“I can’t tell my fear to get in the backseat.  I’m afraid,” he said.  (Clearly, my Coach Taylor wasn’t working.)

Though he’s had four years of swim lessons and ample one on one coaching, Christopher still believed he couldn’t swim the length of the pool during swim team trials.  No amount of encouragement or time in the water assuaged his nerves.

All the coaches noticed. 

“Mrs. Duggan,” the patient head coach said to me after he watched Chris in the pool, “Christopher isn’t ready to be on the team.  Every time a coach tells him to do something, Chris says he’s can’t.”

This was not news. 

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