How Tolstoy called me out on my superficial life


If someone asked me a month ago if I thought I lead a superficial life, I would have scoffed at the idea. However, my recent perusal of Leo Tolstoy’s The Death Of Ivan Ilyich smacked me upside the head and right out of my complacent attitude about my“authentic” life.

The Death Of Ivan Ilyich is a story about a worldly, successful high court judge who never considers the impending reality of his death until he is forced to confront it face to face. One day while hanging drapes in his comfortable home, Ivan falls from a ladder and hits his side on the window. At first, Ivan believes he isn’t injured, but when he begins to suffer from a constant pain in his side and an odd taste in his mouth, Ivan seeks out renowned doctors to determine if his pain is curable.

None of the doctors are able to help him. 

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