Your Catholic Parenting Problems Solved...Mostly


You guys, I have an announcement: 

I wrote a book for you. 

It’s called Good Enough Is Good Enough:  Confessions of An Imperfect Catholic Mom and the release date is April, 2018 from Ave Maria Press.

You can preorder the book here.

What’s the book about?

As a child, I smoothed over the jagged edges of my difficult home life with good grades and perfect behavior. By the time I was an adult, my drive to constantly be in control was my only way of life. It was only when I began raising my family that I realized how damaging this compulsion was for both me and the people around me.

That’s when I began my faltering journey toward letting God be in control.

In Good Enough Is Good Enough, I share my heartaches—learning my child has a genetic disorder that might lead to cancer; realizing that my drive to do and be everything for everyone strained my marriage; and struggling with feelings of worthlessness after leaving her job to become “just” a stay-at-home mom. I also share parenting difficulties we’ve all faced—trying to keep my kids quiet during Mass; wondering whether I’m giving them enough opportunities for growth; and balancing time spent on myself, my kids, and others. With each story, you’ll feel the brokenness I tried to cover by being a “perfect” parent and the eventual realization that I needed to find healing.

Through the saints, the sacraments, and Catholic traditions and literature, I found the Church a place where God’s love and healing grace embraced me. I invite you, the reader,  to the same conclusion: whether we are dealing with everyday frustrations or life-changing tragedies, it is in the heart of the Catholic Church that we are finally free to let go of our facades in order to embrace our brokenness and find healing.

Benefits of the book:

Before I became a wife and mother, I had a lot of stupid ideas and expectations about my roles.  Then I got married, had a few kids, and life slapped some of those ridiculous notions right out of my head.  I made mistakes, lots of them, and I had some toxic notions about marriage and motherhood. 

I’ll be honest, what I wrote in the book is painful to admit.  No one wants the world to know their failures as a spouse and parent, but the truth is, I’ve failed a lot…and from those failures, I’ve learned a lot. 

And guess what? 

I’ve come to recognize that most people fail in the same ways I have.  What I wrote about my journey isn’t neat and tidy and beautiful, but it is true and it’s authentic. 

In a world full of Pinetrest perfect and Facebook insights, if you need some real discussion about the challenges of Catholic parenting, then this book is for you.

If you’ve ever wondered if you are a complete screw up as a wife and mother, then this book is for you. 

If you’ve worried about the dysfunctional nature of your family life and how anyone is going to make it out alive given your weaknesses and the weaknesses of those around you, then this book is for you.

If you aren’t sure why God entrusted you with this husband and these kids, then this book is for you. 

If you are 100% convinced you are probably creating a huge disaster out of everything, then this book is for you.

More reasons to pre-order the book today:

·      In the book, I reveal five parenting confessions (or struggles) that I face and how to tackle those issues head on

·      At the end of each chapter is a closing prayers and reflection questions

·      I wrote a companion small faith sharing group companion study, which makes Good Enough Is Good Enough an excellent group or individual resource

·      This is a book that reassures you that you are not alone

·      It makes an excellent Christmas gift for your best friend

What people are saying about Good Enough Is Good Enough:  Confessions Of An Imperfect Catholic Mom:

"I am thrilled by Colleen's honesty. Her transparency about the challenges she has faced in her own faith walk invites us into a deeper consideration of our own imperfections." --Lisa M. Hendey, Founder of and author of The Grace of Yes

"Every mother has experienced that awful moment when she discovers that no matter how hard she tries, she will never get it all right; she will never be a perfect parent. Colleen Duggan has written the sane and sensible way to refine on that impossible goal." --Elizabeth Scalia, US editor of Aleteia and author of Strange Gods

"A soothing balm for your soul and a cheery cup of tea for your weary heart. Know, moms, that there is hope for you, for your family, and for eternity." --Sarah A. Reinhard, Catholic author, blogger, and coeditor of The Catholic Mom's Prayer Companion

"An honest, soul-searching reflection on motherhood. Colleen Duggan reminds us that God's grace perfects our always-imperfect nature if we are honest with ourselves and God." --Tim and Sue Muldoon, Authors of The Discerning Parent

"This book shares in the greatness of all books that tell the truth. People who long for depth in our superficial culture will find refreshment here, and people who suspect social media doesn't always tell the whole story will find genuine companionship." --Grace Mazza Urbanski, Author of Pray With Me

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Launch Team:

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