Five Random Things After The Christmas Crazy

Five Random Things.png

Flexing my writing muscles and getting this blog tuned up again.  I've been writing daily but I've neglected updating my own house.  Here goes:

1. School was called off yesterday because of inclement weather. My children’s tutors sent along work for the kids to so homeschooling was in the cards for all of us.

Still, when you do an educational hybrid like we do (two days of school attendance a week and the rest of the week schooling from home), a snow day is not a snow day like it is for kids who go to school full time.

Although I’m just like the parents of those kids who go to school full time because my first thought when I learned school was closed was:


2. While I wrote a book, John Duggan dutifully took over certain duties, but the biggest one he took on was the laundry.

John had to adjust to an involved task he wasn’t used to taking on and I had to detach from how that large task accomplished--like when, where, and how he did it.

For all my weaknesses and failures, one of the things I do well is creating systems to run and manage a household. With 8 people here, I definitely need a system for laundry. Abandoning my system and allowing someone else to take over and do it a different way was a little challenging at first. 

What do you mean you don’t sort?

You do realize the six year old can’t fold her laundry, right?

If you hang the clothes up right away after taking them out of the dryer, you know you don’t have to iron much of anything…

I quickly realized, however, if John was to continue with the task so that I could write, I couldn’t critique the way he did the job. The important thing was the job got done. 

So I overcame the temptation to micromanage the laundry by not paying attention at all to how the laundry was completed.

I didn’t look in drawers, I didn’t look in hampers, and I didn’t walk into the laundry room.

Problem solved.

But I’ve finished my book and for the first time in well over a year in a half, I found myself staring down overflowing laundry baskets and hampers. So after Mass on Sunday, I resolved to attack the beast.

It took me all day long to create some kind of logistical flow and order to the laundry situation in this house and it will take me all day today to continue what I started.

After a few hours of being back in the laundry saddle on Sunday, I realized two things:

The first is that I was absolutely CRAZY to offer any kind of critique to anyone who willingly laundered the clothing for this gang of people.

 The second was this:  God needs to send me a new idea for a book ASAP because I’m officially retiring from the laundry and going back to book writing. 

I like book writing much, much better.

3. When John and I bought our house almost two years ago (CRAZY!), we promised each other we would immediately paint the master bedroom which was a beautiful shade of lavender, accented by a chic deep plum color in the master bath.

But life happened and other things needed attention and it’s been almost two years since we made that promise to each other. We’ve lived with lavender walls and I’ve hated every minute of it.

My generous mom and dad gave us both some money for Christmas so we decided to pool our resources and update the bedroom.

We finally painted over the lavender. I ordered an inexpensive bed from Amazon and I bought new bedding. I found a huge throw rug at Home Depot, some new to us lamps at the Goodwill and I’m going to spray paint our old nightstand to give them a facelift. 

I also went over our allotted budget.

John is definitely the one who keeps me honest when it comes to spending what we have, not what we don’t, but he hasn’t argued with me about springing for the extras (like he normally would.)

He’s not stupid.

4. John and I celebrated our fifteenth wedding anniversary in December and he took me to Jamaica.  It rained almost the entire time but it didn’t ruin the trip. 

I loved so many things about Jamaica but a few of my favorites were the coffee (so, so delicious!), the people (like the old man I buzzed by one morning and told me, “You’re in Jamaica, man. You’re going way too fast. Slow down, man. Slow down!”), and the steel band of teenagers who played ‘O Holy Night’ on their drums and made me cry.

We also went to great lengths to secure a room with an ocean view, which I documented with a photo and which I now review everyday while I’m at home suffering through ice storms.


5. If you are still reading this, blessings upon you for enduring random factoids of my life.  Have a wonderful day!