Living In The Lenten Desert With Small Children

Living In The Lenten Desert With Small Childrenby Colleen Duggan.png

A friend asked me recently if I had any tips for living in the desert of Lent while parenting small children. Like many of us, I suspect she feels stifled by the noise and the chaos of her daily life and desires to go off Jesus, to sit at his feet and learn from him in quiet prayer.

I can relate, what busy mom doesn’t want a little peace and quiet? And not just during Lent … but anytime.

It’s a bold statement, though, to say we want to live with Jesus in the desert because it means we want to commit ourselves to living like he did for forty days: hungry, thirsty, and engaged in spiritual combat! I don’t know about you, but I find a twenty-minute toddler temper tantrum or a teen tirade a challenge, so forty days of spiritual warfare and attack seems daunting.

Residing in the desert requires a type of fasting I’m not used to on the regular: no human company, water, food, and noise. It requires I deny myself those creature comforts I enjoy in life in order to bathe in his presence.

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