The Cry Room Debate

Writing on Facebook, Kendra Tierney, from the popular blog Catholic All Year, ignited a firestorm by suggesting that instead of cry rooms for small children, parishes should establish Silent Worship Rooms for people who feel they’ll be distracted by “cooing babies or breastfeeding mothers, or the vocalizing of disabled adults, or the off-key singing of hard of hearing old ladies.”

The issue of cry rooms is guaranteed to bring energetic reactions from Catholics of many stripes, and Tierney’s post was no exception.

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What Should I Do, Mary?

About that time I thought I had completely failed a group of ladies with my lack of preparation, and remembered that Mary would be there to help.

“I can’t take the credit,” I said, “because I didn’t do this. Mary took my pitiful offerings and magnified them into something beautiful. She took the hour I had to give and transformed my small deeds into something great. She provided for these women much better than I ever could have on my own.

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What Should I Do, Mary? A reflection by Colleen Murphy Duggan for Aleteia 

Our Lady doesn’t mess around."

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A Must Read for Everyone

Have you ever read The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis? Me either. But, I have listened to it, recently, and for free. 

“Although I’ve attempted to read C.S. Lewis’s spiritual classic The Screwtape Letters at least a half dozen times,” says Duggan, “I’ve never managed to finish the old school, second hand library copy I picked up almost 20 years ago. So when my Well Read Mom book club announced it as March’s pick, I knew Lent was the time to get her done.”

Read the rest of this interview I did with Elizabeth Scalia at Aleteia on what I'm reading now. So, what are you reading Colleen Murphy Duggan?

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Here's What You May Have Missed

Not through any fault of your own, mind you. I write for other online spaces and had a few come up in such rapid succession that I couldn't get them out to you without tripping over a kid, homeschool workbooks, and a pew.

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A few weeks ago, I sat with my grandfather, Rex Roy Lloyd, in his assisted-living facility room, while the California sun streamed through the window and the birds, perched outside, chirped a song. My grandmother, as she’d done for the last 64 years, sat next to Grandpa holding his hand.

It was one week before he died. Read A tribute to Grandpa, who always did small things with great love on Aleteia.

I've also taken to microblogging on Facebook.  What's that mean, you ask? It's where I share my heart on Facebook, so there are no links, SEO, super perfect images, or any of the other blogging specifics to adhere to. I would love for you to join me in the discussion there. I will share my latest one with you here:

I hope you are having a very blessed Lent.